fourteen (explicit)

It’s a little known fact that founding father Thomas Jefferson invented a rudimentary, 18th century time machine. He uses it to travel into the future and hold US leaders accountable for what he sees as breaches of the Constitution. Pick a moment in American history* and write the interaction between Jefferson and the overreaching leader.

*i picked several, and just wrote one-liners. because i can.

“And just what the fuck do you think you’re doing?”
T. Jefferson to R. Nixon, 1972

“You pardoned that slick bastard? What the fuck?!”
T. Jefferson to G. Ford, 1974

“Dude, that habeas corpus shit ain’t no joke.”
T. Jefferson to A. Lincoln, 1860s

“Nice boys don’t listen to other people’s conversations.”
T. Jefferson to B. Obama, 2013

“I hope she was worth it, you stupid fucker.”
T. Jefferson to B. Clinton, 1990s


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